QAnon Shaman should be released from jail because his sharp-pointed spear wasn't really a spear, says his lawyer

Look at these results for this Google image search and decide for yourself whether the QAnon Shaman's "flag pole" is a spear or not. To me, it looks like a wooden spear with a needle-sharp spearhead.

But the QAnon Shaman's lawyer, Al Watkins, told the court his client, who faces felony charges of civil disorder and obstruction of an official proceeding, should be released from jail because the "finial" on the "flagpole" (the spear *did* have the U.S. flag attached to it) was not secured to the spear and would have fallen off if the QAnon Shaman had sufficiently tilted the pole. Also, said Watkins, the QAnon Shaman behaved like a swell guy the whole time he was running around the building in a horned fur headdress and cartoonish war paint, bellowing like a dinner-theater version of Braveheart.

The prosecutor in the federal case against the QAnon Shaman, James Nelson, disagreed, pointing out that the QAnon Shaman shoved his way into the Senate chamber, left a threatening letter, and called Pence a "fucking traitor."

The judge told the attorneys that he'll consider both sides of the story before making a decision.

[via Insider

[image: Channel 4 News]