Save 50% on 14 coding course bundles that can turn you into a serious programmer

As a web developer, you never know what tool you'll need to do the job. Some coders have full workshops full of crafty little baubles ready for tackling any build problem. Others are bringing a hammer and nails…and that's about it.

This sale is how you pack that toolbelt with cool coding and web development stuff for any occasion. All 14 of these training packages are not only discounted, but you can save even more as part of the Boing Boing Semi-Annual Sale. If you use the code LEARNIT during checkout, you can slice another 50 percent off the sale price of any of these impactful training collections.

The Complete Front-End Developer Bundle – $20.50 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,419

Who needs WordPress? This collection of nine courses with more than 65 hours of training helps programmers create websites entirely from scratch using powerful apps and tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React, Sketch 3, and more.

The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle – $15.50 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,492

JavaScript is the coding language that brings dynamic presentations to webpages. With this 8-course bundle, creators learn how to use it to update and change both HTML and CSS. Meanwhile, this training comes with more than 100 different JavaScript projects to progress from beginner to expert quickly.

The Increase Your Google App Productivity with Google Script Bundle – $17.50 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,400

Google apps are easy to build and integrate with almost everything, so this 56-hour package of Google app training should come in handy quickly. Explore the fundamentals of Google scripting, build amazing G-Suite apps, use Google Spreadsheet to post automatically to Twitter, build a custom web app using Google Scripts, and more.

The Software Developer Certification Bundle – $20 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,391

Whether you're interested in coding or app development, this bundle is a solid place to start. With nine courses and more than 40 hours of training, students can pick up all kinds of valuable programming skills, including C#, Xamarin, ReactJS, Java, Python, and beyond.

The 2021 Java Bootcamp Bundle – $18 after code LEARNIT; originally $990

It's the most used programming language in coding… so you better know it. This 10 course package helps first time users understand Java, including a full exploration of Java basics, interfaces, classes, collections, objects and more so students can make several working Java programs of their own.

The 3 Course Django Developer Certification Bundle – $12.99 after code LEARNIT; originally $597

Django automatically handles a lot of behind-the-scenes Python work that would often take Python coders hours, or even days to complete without it. In this 3-course bundle, students progress from getting familiar with using Django to using it for advanced functions like creating APIs, accessing databases, deploying projects easier and faster with Heroku, and more.

The Complete Ruby on Rails 6 Bootcamp Certification Bundle – $18 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,000

Ruby on Rails combines an almost common English development code with a function-expanding development tool to make a highly versatile web skill. Over five courses and more than 40 hours of training, this instruction gets started on Ruby on Rails before moving them to even more elaborate coding projects for fast, efficient deployment.

The Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle – $30 after code LEARNIT; originally $4,056

Here it is — the ultimate Whitman Sampler of all coding disciplines. The collection is the motherlode of programming, featuring 27 courses, over 2,700 lessons, and more than 275 hours of training in everything from PHP, MySQL, Python, Java, and the Raspberry Pi to the upper echelons of data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

The Learn to Create an iPhone App Bundle – $20 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,600

Here's the training that can turn a novice coder into a full-fledged Apple app developer. Built for beginners, these 41 hours of iOS instruction explore how to use SwiftUI, Google Firebase, and more to create a working app ready to go up for sale in the Apple App Store.

Create Your Own Website with WordPress Master Class – $14.99 after code LEARNIT; originally $995

WordPress is the no. 1 content management system on the planet — and with these five courses, users will be ready to use every bit of that earth-shaking power. This package will help first time WordPress users build a website, turn a site into a digital storefront as well as reap the benefits of Facebook ads and search engine optimization (SEO).

The Complete Android 11 Developer Bundle – $20 after code LEARNIT; originally $2,200

If you're going to learn to build for iOS, you should learn to build for Android too. With these 11 courses, you'll have all the tools to make incredible apps for use in the Android environment, using key tools like Kotlin, Java, and more.

The 2021 Premium Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle – $17.50 after code LEARNIT; originally $2,585

Python is the driving force in cutting-edge tech like machine learning and artificial intelligence — and this 13-course, 41-hour bundle can take you there. From building games and automating Excel files to building your own neural networks as the brain for a thinking machine, this training is as intense as it sounds.

The Backend Developer Bootcamp Bundle – $14.99 after code LEARNIT; originally $995

This five-course collection has over 30 hours of training in some of the bedrock web development knowledge for creating some the coolest web apps and experiences. With training in C#, SQL, .NET Core, and more, they won't be much that feels beyond your creative grasp.

The Complete C Suite Programming Bundle – $25 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,990

C++ and C# are two of the key coding languages for developing games, mobile apps, desktop apps, and web apps. Across more than 80 hours of training, these 10 courses will help users get a handle of both of these programming disciplines as they build cool projects that refine their new-found skills.

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