Why the world needs Leftover Cup Noodle Broth Hardening Powder

Nissin sells packets of powder that turn ramen and cup noodle broth into an inedible solid. It looks like the same water-absorbing powder in disposable diapers. Huh?

According to SoraNews24 you aren't supposed to drink all the broth in a bowl of ramen or cup noodle because it's "packed with calories and sodium." I don't know if that's true or not. I always drink all my ramen broth, even if I'm bloated to the bursting point. It tastes too good to pass up.

Regardless this powder is meant for people who eat cup noodle outside and want to neatly dispose of the leftover broth without dumping it on the ground or filling a trash can with liquid.

Is April Fools day a thing in Japan? If so, I've been tricked.