This tripod is actually an adjustable standing desk without the space constraints

The standing desk is becoming an increasingly prominent piece of office life, whether you live that life in an actual office or at home. Studies have shown that for every hour a worker is stationed at their desk, they should really spend at least 15 to 30 minutes of that time standing.

If you've got a home office, maybe it's no big deal to join this trend and swap out your regular desk for one of the new standing models. But for many, that's easier said than done. From finances, to space, to a handful of other reasons, it may be a lot simpler to take a more practical approach to improve your cardiovascular health through standing.

The Tripod Adjustable and Portable Standing Desk from Intension Design strikes that balance between the two extremes, offering users a quality perch to handle daily tasks without moving in a giant desk that eats up half of the room.

The Tripod is just that — a tripod. But it's a tripod specifically engineered to offer all the advantages of standing desk work quickly, easily, and economically without any of the drawbacks of buying a new piece of furniture.

Designed in California and made from Baltic birch and aircraft-grade aluminum, the Tripod isn't really furniture. The entire kit comes in a portable carrying bag and assembles in a matter of seconds without the need for any tools. Once constructed, the portable desk level can be adjusted to any height from 1.8 feet up to 4.8 feet. That's high enough to serve comfortably as a working desk for anyone under 7 feet tall.

The desk level itself is also adjustable, so users can maintain it as a flat surface or shift the angle to get a better view of their laptop, use it as a lectern for presentations, or virtually any configuring option.

Being so portable, the Tripod has an incredibly small footprint, so it can be set up easily in very constricted places, or so it can be transported with you for use anywhere and everywhere you need a desk.

Take advantage of the health benefits of standing with the Tripod Adjustable and Portable Standing Desk, now available at $40 off the regular price. It's now 20 percent off at only $159.99.

Prices subject to change.