This child's hat provides an additional layer of protection for those inevitable knocks and falls

Young parents are always looking for that life hack that shakes up how they raise their growing children. And once that kid starts to get their legs under them and moving around under their own power, those parents are facing a whole new set of concerns and fears.

Babies usually start walking around 8 months old and beyond. And if those babies thought mobility was hard on all fours, they learn quickly that life as a biped is a whole lot trickier. In fact, in a study of toddlers from 12 and 19 months old, they fell about 17 times an hour. And for those still learning and even less sure on their feet? They took a tumble about 69 times an hour. That's almost every 50 seconds. 

Parents intellectually know a kid is going to fall a few times. Maybe even more than a few times. But that doesn't alleviate the fear that all it takes is one awkward fall or tumble to cause serious injury. That's why the Tumbl Bear Impact-Reducing Bucket Hat is an interesting idea that those life hack-seeking parents might just connect with.

Nobody wants to feel like they're putting their kid in bubblewrap for protection, so this hat looks like a hat made for babies, one sized for youngsters 6 to 12 months old, another for toddlers in the 1 to 3 year old range.

Lightweight, breathable, and held in place securely with a chin strap, the ace in the hole for this cotton and polyester hat is a stealthy, thin layer of impact reducing foam inside. That way, when Baby takes the inevitable spill, they have that extra little bit of protection to guard against any significant injury threat.

If a parent is already looking for a hat to protect a child's sensitive young skin anyway, they might as well pick one with an added sense of security.

Regularly $34, the Tumbl Bear Impact-Reducing Bucket Hat is now available for $4 off, picking your price down to only $29.95. That's a pretty small price to pay for that level of peace of mind. 

Prices subject to change.