CrossOver lets Mac users run Windows programs seamlessly — and it's $20 now

For decades, they've been mortal enemies. Oil and water. Fire and ice. Hatfields and McCoys. Windows and Mac. Never the twain shall meet.

Nowhere is the dichotomous relationship between the two programming giants more evident than when you run an emulator to try and make a Windows app work on a Mac. There's a good chance it didn't go well. That's because Windows software is not made to work in the alien world that is Mac.

But while difficult, it's not impossible to get these two warring factions on the same page. You've just got to find the ultimate peacemaker. As it turns out, CrossOver for Mac can help your Windows programs run on iOS as if they were written in Cupertino themselves.

Of course, CrossOver has been a standout for more than a decade, translating the Windows commands in software, a utility, or even a game, into Mac commands for simple operation in the Apple ecosystem.

CrossOver only requires a click and can be up and running in minutes with no extra license. Rather than rebooting your Mac, CrossOver opens programs naturally without any of the conflicts you'd normally expect, and you don't even need to own a full copy of Windows to make it happen.

If you're a Mac user working in a Windows office, this is the perfect answer to allow your machine to interact with Windows-only productivity apps. CrossOver won't guarantee it can run every Windows app or game, but hundreds of programs can run like a Swiss watch on Mac thanks to it.

CrossOver for Mac usually retails for $39, but Mac owners can get all the functionality of both Mac and Windows at half that price, or just $19.99

Prices subject to change.