Misogynists wrongly blame woman sailor for ship stuck in Suez Canal

If you listen closely, you can hear the whine of a misogynist complaining about the imaginary incompetence of credibly competent women. It takes a spectacular stool sample of a chauvinist, however, to blame a woman for being the cause of a workplace incident that occurred while she far from the scene.

According to Jalopnik, many such men have been doing just that. They've taken to social media to falsely accuse Egypt's first female ship captain for getting the cargo vessel Ever Given jammed up in the Suez Canal, late last month.

From Jalopnik:

Elselehdar, 29, is Egypt's first-ever female ship captain, and when the Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal, she realized that people were placing her at the center of the fiasco. People were using social media to share a doctored screenshot of an Arab Times headline that claimed she was at the helm of the ship at the time it was stuck. It appeared that the headline had been altered from a March 22 profile of Elselehdar praising her successes.

There was just one problem with the He-Man Woman Haters Club's diabolical plan: at the time that the Ever Given was lodged in the canal, Elselehdar was employed as the First Mate on a different ship, hundreds of miles away.

Image via Wikipedia