Twitter's new policy: reduced enforcement for hate speech, alleged leaked documents show

Leaked confidential documents reveal that Twitter has instructed its content moderators not to suspend users who send hateful messages and images to other users, reports Ireland's Business Post.

Among the examples of a post that is no longer subject to the same level of enforcement action is: "The next stop on our Poland tour is Auschwitz. Jews this is your last top. Please get off here and take all your luggage with you."

Another example is a slur against black people that reads: "That guy is such a c**n", while a third shows a post, which tags another user and features a photo of Hitler.

A post that mentions a specific other X user and calls them the gay slur "f****t" is not removed under the new rules.

These posts, according to the moderator who spoke to the Business Post, previously carried a penalty for the poster and were subject to removal, but today are only deprioritised by X's algorithm.

Under the new rules, their reach is limited but no enforcement is taken against the account owner and the posts are not removed.

The training documents also give examples of posts that do merit "bounce" enforcement – including one that mentions a user specifically and calls them a "filthy Jewish rat".

It should be noted that Business Post didn't show full copies of the leaked documents, nor did they say how they obtained the documents or verified that they are genuine. Twitter's own policies on hateful conduct seem to go against what's said in Business Posts' report.