These modular wall tiles turn any wall into a technicolor light show for $50

Everybody strives for truly unique home decor. That would seem to make a lot of sense, because who wants the same stuff that everybody else has? Of course, unique often translates to handmade, so unless you've got a knack for carpentry or know a great art dealer, unique can be both tough and costly to accomplish.

However, there are ways for clever designers to instill individuality in their living spaces by reconfiguring pieces that anyone can gather. Then, it's about using your own creativity to deliver your message.

This Touch-Sensitive Modular Wall Lighting from Lamp Depot is the very definition of turning something ordinary into something extraordinary.

The set includes six modular hexagonal lamp tiles that can be arranged and rearranged any way you like. Each minimalist white tile only weighs about 3 oz., but with a little ingenuity, they can be formed into a host of interesting shapes and configurations. Each tile comes with its own 3M sticky pad and other fastener accessories to be positioned on your wall just the way you want 'em.

They can link together to form straight or wavy lines. They can be clustered into a pyramid or encircled to form a ring. You can grab a pair of sets or more to max out your design options. Turn them into lettering to write a name or assemble them into a funky pattern that makes your wall look like something out of a starship.

And as interesting as these tiles look on their own, they're nothing like when they actually illuminated. With a sweep of your hand, each touch-sensitive tile springs to life, emitting either white light or one of the other 12 colors at your disposal. With the included remote control, you can task your wall light to cast a brilliant white light, a soothing green, an angry red, and more.

In addition to changing colors, each lamp can be individually controlled to your preferred brightness, or be set to run through any of three dynamic lighting modes, from a colorful slow change through various shades, a faster change mode, or monochrome flashes that can allow your room to take on a different look or tone each day. Each light also comes with its own timing function so you can set your indoor light show to a schedule that pleases you.

This set of Touch-Sensitive Modular Wall Lighting usually retails for $75, but as part of this offer, buyers can save $25 and get the complete kit for just $49.99.

Prices subject to change.