Tired of marketers stealing your data? Winston can protect your home's internet traffic

How do you protect yourself from everybody online trying to get all up in your business? And we aren't just talking about cybercriminals and other malevolent black hats rummaging around the internet either. We also mean all those "legitimate" businesses that use trackers, cookies, and other online tricks to harvest as much usable information from you as possible, all for the purpose of selling you things.

If you're like the rest of us, the last thing you need are more ads. Especially online. And no, we don't appreciate it when we say we're a fan of the Goo Goo Dolls within earshot of Alexa, only to have Amazon try to sell us a Goo Goo baby doll toy the next time we're shopping. It's not helpful. It's just creepy. And borderline evil. Not to mention, they're also a strain on your home's Wi-Fi connection, imposing unnecessary data transfers and leaving sensitive information open to data theft.

Winston can put a stop to all of it. The Winston Privacy Filter is a sophisticated privacy device that can shield you and everyone in your home from all those online data scavengers. Users can connect Winston to their home router, then let the sentinel do its thing, blanketing every device on the network with protection against ads, trackers, and data transfers of all kinds. 

That protection isn't only restricted to phones, tablets, and computers either, shutting down unnecessary communication between the web and every web-enabled device on your network. Companies are harvesting information from your smart TVs, smart coffee makers, and smart thermostats too. Winston cracks down and eliminates that chatter.

More than an ad blocker, Winston is also a safety net over all your web activity, encrypting your web connection by routing it over a zero-logging, proprietary distributed Privacy Mesh network to hide your IP address and any attempt to mine information from your network.

In addition to squashing first and third-party tracking cookies, Winston also blocks browser fingerprinting tactics that can still track you even if you're searching the web in incognito mode. 

While VPN services charge users a monthly fee, the Winston Privacy Filter is a one-time-only purchase with no added subscription costs. Right now, you can save 10 percent off your own Winston, now on sale for just $179.

Prices subject to change.