A-ha rant compares sports to GOP politics: When players "are shivved in the gut, the game shouldn't continue"

Political commentator Leigh McGowan, aka PoliticsGirl, hits a home run when she compares bipartisanship to sports. She starts her spot-on rant by giving a few examples of bad sportsmanship that would absolutely end a game of baseball, including, "If I'm playing baseball against your team and I get a base hit, and as soon as I get to the base the first baseman shivs me in the gut, the game shouldn't continue."

"These are not the rules of baseball," she says. "And if one team can only win by cheating and abhorrent unfair tactics, you don't keep playing with them." So what do you do about it? McGowan says you have two choices: "You can either refuse to play until they follow the rules – or play by their rules. That's it."

"Just pretending you're playing a normal game of baseball and it's all going to sort itself out is absolutely idiotic," she says. And in case we still don't get the parallel she's driving at, she spells it out for us: "The Republicans are that vicious team. They play dirty and hard, and they make up their own rules so they can win… What are we even doing? … Why are we still acting like they're normal politicians? That game is over."