North Carolina sheriff's racist rant caught on tape: "I'm sick of these black bastards"

Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene won a disputed election by 34 votes, was improperly sworn in before the vote was certified, failed to meet the office's local residency requirements, and was temporarily unsheriffed while courts figured out how to smooth it all over. In a taped phone call from the time it looked like he would lose his job, he let it all out: "I'm sick of these black bastards"

"I'm tired of them f***ing with me. It ain't happening no more. No godd**n more. So you let them know, if I find their numbers in the next day or two, they ain't going to like it. They damn sure ain't going to like it. And that's got to be somebody in the command staff. Clarity. I don't trust her. She's just sitting there staring at me the other day, the whole time. Staring at me the whole f**ing time," Greene continues, apparently referring to Augustine Clarida, who at the time was an African-American detention officer.

"Tomorrow's gonna be a new f**king day. I'm still the motherf**king sheriff, and I'll go up and fire every godd**n [inaudible]. F**k them black bastards. They think I'm scared? They're stupid," Greene said. "I don't know what else to do it. So it's just time to clean them out. There's a snitch in there somewhere tellin' what we are doing. And I'm not gonna have it. I'm not going to have it."

A classic Klan-adjacent racist Sheriff, reinstated and in office to this day.