Get a fully refurbished Dell gaming rig with Periphio accessories at a huge discount

For decades, Dell has been one of the go-to brands for that trusty, reliable desktop computer tower, particularly its heritage Optiplex series. While many may blow past the old desktop in favor of newer, flashier, more portable laptops or mobile devices, there's at least one simple fact shoppers need to keep in mind: Despite all the advancements in smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the like, for sheer, raw processing power, there's still really no substitute for a hearty desktop tower in most cases.

Nobody knows that better than gamers, who have still been hoovering up Dell gaming PCs to play the beefiest, burliest Triple-A titles, the ones that demand processors and graphic cards stout enough to handle pinnacle gaming experiences.

Right now, Dell is opening up the vaults and selling scores of their Optiplex series models, each fully refurbished, certified, and Microsoft-authorized to perform like a brand spanking new, off the shelves product. And for the gamers, each has been upgraded to feature an Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 graphics card. Of course, each is also sporting a fully installed version of Windows 10, Wi-Fi capabilities, and HDMI ports to connect to your monitor for truly optimized gaming sessions. 

And because they're refurbished units, they're all hundreds of dollars off their regular price.

Optiplex 790, 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 500GB HDD, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (Renewed) – $420.72; originally $667

With an Intel i5 dual-core 3.20 GHz processor running the show, this rig can handle all your multitasking as well as heavy-duty gaming like a champ. You can choose between a package featuring a wireless keyboard and mouse tandem, or trick it up with a striking Periphio gaming collection for $499.52, complete with a keyboard, mouse, headset, and extra-large mousepad collection packed with RGB lighting — that's enough razzle-dazzle to keep any gaming entranced, whether they're playing or not.

Optiplex 980, 16GB, 240GB SSD, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – $450.44; originally $682

With an Intel Core i5 processor and DDR3 memory, the OptiPlex 980 offers a 35 percent performance increase over previous-generation OptiPlex systems. Speedy and efficient, this model comes in configurations with a 240GB hard drive and wireless keyboard and mouse accessories; or a version with 500GB of storage and a USB-connected keyboard and mouse for $494.57. Pick your poison.

Optiplex 3020, 16GB, 500GB SSD, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – $445.47; originally $727

The Optiplex 3020 is a balanced punch of performance, power, and affordability with an Intel Core i5-4590 processor for exceptional working power that keeps users blasting through level and level — and even getting a little work done here and there. The wireless keyboard and mouse offering for under $450 includes a spacious 500GB of drive space. Or, you can go all-in for the Periphio gaming package of accessories in either black ($549.41) or white ($569.22) varieties.

Optiplex 7020, 16GB, 500GB SSD, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – $554.37; originally $914

With the Optiplex 7020, users have the ability to further soup up their systems, including 4 RAM slots that can boost your maximum RAM up to 32GB, two extra slots than available in the 3020. Again, you can choose between the basic (but still effective) wireless keyboard and mouse package, or go all-in with the advanced Periphio gaming add-ons in black for $584.07 or white for $618.72.

Optiplex 9010, 16GB, 240GB SSD – $499.92; originally $824

The Optiplex 9010 is as reliable a workhorse as you'll find in the Dell stable, capable of pushing its Intel i5 processor to the limits. Packing into its compact footprint, this fully refurbished model can handle all of your gaming and professional tasks flawlessly. It's available with a standard USB-connected keyboard and mouse, a wireless keyboard and mouse configuration ($598.91), or the Periphio gaming assortment ($613.77), depending on how serious you are about gaming.

Optiplex 9020, 16GB, 500GB SSD – $539.52; originally $892

The Optiplex 9020 is the absolute top performance you'll find across the Optiplex series, made for power users who need heavy resources for demanding apps like premium games. You can load up with a 240GB storage model with its own wireless keyboard and mouse, or look to a 500GB edition, which just so happens to have a bigger discount at the moment. As with the other models, you can pick between a USB-wired keyboard and mouse for $653.39, or get a cool white Periphio gaming accessory package with all the bells and whistles for $633.57.

Prices subject to change.