Safeguard your sensitive data with GhostVolt's encryption software

Worrying about data breaches isn't just for the Amazons and Facebooks of the world. Oh sure, you should be concerned if you're one of the 533 million who had info exposed in the latest Facebook breach. But a bigger worry is what happens if customer information, details that you're responsible for, somehow get exposed to the world?

Maybe your company's proprietary information isn't quite so proprietary anymore. Or if you're a doctor or medical professional, maybe your patient records are somehow compromised. Beyond the horror and professional embarrassment, that type of breach can expose recordkeepers to potentially career-crippling lawsuits.

It's tough maintaining a 24/7/365 security perimeter around that type of information, especially in a networked environment where various team members constantly need access to different information.

GhostVolt Encryption Software is how any individual, business, or organization keeps a lid on just that type of calamity. GhostVolt specializes in secure document storage and rigid compliance while still allowing for collaboration between teams of any size, ranging from giant corporations down to your own unique team of one.

GhostVolt works on multiple levels, including each individual computer. Using 256-bit AES encryption, GhostVolt locks down every document on that hard drive, securing all personal information, photos, videos, credit card data, or any other private files. Even if your system is ever breached, all your data will be unreadable to hackers and criminals without GhostVolt's decryption keys. Everything is accessible and readable as normal through GhostVolt's easy interface that pretty much like a normal browser.

Once GhostVolt is up and running, it works on its own. It encrypts all your new files and saves and re-encrypts any changed files all automatically.

Meanwhile, the business plan extends the GhostVolt web of secrecy over all the terminals in your network. Through GhostVolt's easy interface, one administrator can track everyone's protection needs, allow access to information only to those who need those files or let team members collaborate safely without the worry of creating holes in your protective shield. 

Right now, a lifetime GhostVolt Encryption solo plan is on sale at over 90 percent off its regular price, only $29.99

Prices subject to change.