Save an extra $22 on this handmade Japanese forged kitchen knife set

There are plenty of top-notch quality knives and knife sets crafted all over the world, from Germany, France, and the heart of Europe, to plenty of premium craftsmen in the U.S. But there's definitely something about a finely honed blade made from Japanese steel that still absolutely stops knife shoppers dead in their tracks.

For its combination of style, performance, and time-honored tradition, this handmade 4-piece Japanese knife set could easily become the centerpiece of your kitchen cutlery arsenal, handcrafted with premium materials with some generational Japanese craftsmanship to stand the test of time.

The collection features three blades, including an 8-inch Gyuto (a Japanese-style chef's knife), a 10-inch serrated bread knife, and a 6-inch Kiritsu Damascus Petty utility knife; as well as a set of kitchen shears.

The set from Forge to Table was developed by industry professionals and handcrafted by third-generation Japanese bladesmiths, with each knife handcrafted to offer a beautifully balanced, finely honed blade for all users. To measure up to the 100 years of family craftsmanship that goes into this set, the knives are made from Japanese-produced VG10 steel, which is highly prized for its durability as well as how it holds an edge over years of use.

The cornerstone is the ultra-versatile cooking mainstay, the 8-inch Gyuto. Made from 5 steel layers, this blade is hand-forged, hand-polished, and hand-sharpened for a superior grip from the octagonal rosewood handle without compromising comfort. The blade itself also sports a kurouchi finish, a distinctly Japanese flavor that drives the unique look and performance of the blade.

Meanwhile, the bread knife has a unique low-profile serration pattern to help it stay sharper longer while reducing tearing on softer bread even as it glides through hearty, crusty rolls. Finally, the utility knife lives up to its name, featuring 67 layers of steel forged into a striking watered pattern as the blade's sword-like performance effortlessly handles chopping and slicing.

Throw in the 7-in-1 shears that can scissor as well as open bottles, scale fish, crack bones, and more, and this set's value becomes clear. Regularly $284, you can use the codeword SLICE22 during checkout to slice an extra $22 off the already discounted price, bringing your final total for the full set to just $220.

Prices subject to change.