With the MowRo robot lawn mower, you'll never have to cut the grass yourself ever again

Considering the explosion of robotic vacuum cleaners in recent years, is it really much of a surprise that now your front yard is getting into the act as well? If you can set a robo vac on standby to automatically start spinning around your house and gobbling up dirt and grime, it makes sense that the most basic of homeowner chores is going robo as well: mowing the lawn.

The MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower is just as miraculous a timesaver as it sounds, including a few added features that basically remove almost everything you hate about mowing the lawn the old-fashioned way.

If you hate that cutting the grass usually eats up most of your Saturday, then the MowRo is just the wonder device you'd hope for. You plot out a perimeter wire to set the boundaries of your lawn area, then MowRo does the rest. 

Running on your pre-set mowing schedule, MowRo undocks and gets to work when ordered, with its powerful 2,900 RPM motor scooting across your lawn as the razor-sharp blades deliver an optimized cut to just the height you want. Whether you want a nice luscious shag or a tight manicured cut like a green at Augusta National, MowRo can answer the call.

If you hate the pollution and noise of a lawnmower that lets the entire neighborhood know you're out working, the quiet operation of the MowRo will likely shock you. At a positively sedate 65dB, this mower pumps out a fraction of the noise made by a conventional mower. Plus, the entire unit runs off a 4Ah 28-volt battery, so you don't get any of the engine fumes of old mowers either. Your gas costs will disappear, and it doesn't even need an extension cord — the MowRo slips back into its dock and recharges when power is low.

And if you're worried about a robot with whirling blades buzzing around your yard, the MowRo is equipped with safety features to stave off any potential accidents. In addition to guard bumpers that surround the MowRo, it also has an automatic backup ability, so the mower reverses on its own if it runs into anything large. It can even run right up to your bare feet with no cause for alarm.

The MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower can cross one weekend honey-do project off your list forever. Regularly priced at $999, you can save $150 off that price right now and pick one up for only $849.99.

Prices subject to change.