Create, edit, and merge PDF files for $30 with this top-rated PDF editing app

It's among the most popular digital file formats in the world. In fact, its creator Adobe figures there are now over 2.5 trillion PDF documents floating around out there. And at times, it's probably felt like you've had to deal with every single one of them.

Make no mistake. PDFs are so common because they're very good at what they do. Unlike other formats, PDFs retain formatting and are widely readable while still maintaining a relatively small, portable file size. But unlike editing other popular text documents, if you've ever tried to make even simple changes to a PDF without proper PDF software… Well, it probably didn't go so well.

Thankfully, Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 is built to help. It's a software tool that gives users all the control they need for reading, editing, and sharing information in PDF files.

German-based Ashampoo has been making popular software programs since the 1990s — and PDF Pro 2 is one of their most popular with more than 20 million worldwide users. With PDF Pro 2, users can modify basically everything in a PDF from simple text to images to web links with absolute ease. Text changes happen just like editing a Microsoft Word document. Open images are editable in place with the external image editor. And there's even a new window for even faster access to some of the most common editing areas like the letter, line, and paragraph settings.

Meanwhile, the customization options are made to excite any regular PDF creator. From creating interactive forms and comparing PDFs to numbering pages, finding and replacing text or colors, converting documents, or even using encryption to fully protect your documents, PDF Pro 2 is on it.

Users can fill out PDF forms with interactive fields, convert PDFs into a handful of other popular file formats, merge several documents into one PDF, or split a single PDF into a handful of separate documents. It even has an auto-repair feature to fix problems before they become problems, which could be part of why sites like Tech2Blog give PDR Pro 2 a perfect 5 out of 5-star review.

Regularly $69, you can pick up Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 now for almost 60 percent off, down to only $29.99.

Prices subject to change.