Watch a robot make a sandwich

Mechanical engineer Yuto Kuroki of Meiji University and colleagues hacked a 3D printer head system to be a 3-axis robotic manipulator. They've demonstrated its use assembling various items like the toy car below and, well, a baloney (?) and cucumber sandwich above. (The video appears to have been sped up but it's still quite impressive.) Perhaps they could modifier a 3D printer's extruder for condiments but that's not necessary for me as I eat my sandos dry. From the researchers' technical paper:

To achieve these manipulations, we customize a low-cost fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer that can attach/detach printed end-effectors which change the function of the 3D printer head (e.g. grab, break, and rotate printed objects). These techniques afford the 3D printer to fabricate and assemble complete kinetic objects such as automatons without manual processing (i.e. removing support materials and assembling objects). We conclude that a small modification to a standard 3D printer, allows us to fabricate and assemble objects without human intervention.