FBI: Do you know someone who walks like the suspected Washington DC pipe bomber?

The nutcase who placed two pipe bombs near the Capitol in Washington, DC, is still on the loose. The FBI asks if you might recognize the way the person walks in the above video. From NPR:

The FBI is also using gait analysis, a technique used to identify someone by the way the person walks, hoping it will lead to a suspect. Agents have released surveillance video to see if someone in the public might recognize the suspect from the way he or she moves.

Dr. Mike Nirenberg wrote a textbook on gait analysis, and he reviewed the FBI video with NPR. "Look at how close their feet are to each other. … So that is a narrow base of gait," he said, watching the suspect. "Immediately what you notice is the arm swing of the person on that left arm. … There isn't a lot of rotation in the upper half of their body, their torso."