Delusional MyPuppet Mike Lindell's blatant lies slapped down by Supreme Court

MAGA folks brains are melting. They don't understand why Donalds Trump's hand-picked Supreme Court Justices — fine Christofascists, all of them — would crush Mike Lindell's glorious quest to overthrow the United State government? They must have been brainwashed by George Soros!

The befuddled crackhead-turned-religious-nut tried to claim the FBI's legal seizure of his phone during a Hardee's pit stop in Minnesota was an assault on free speech, but the justices, no doubt peeved that billionaire Harlan Crow hasn't provided them with luxury vacations this year — decided to side with the radical left by refusing to hear the case, reports AP.

Quoting the lower court that eviscerated Lindell, the decision stated his litigation was clearly "a tactic to, at a minimum, interfere with and, at most, enjoin a criminal investigation." In other words, the paranoid MyPillow guy was trying to derail the probe into his shady election meddling in Colorado through a blizzard of frivolous lawsuits.

Of course, this rebuke is just the latest in a cascade of losses for the unhinged businessman. From getting dumped by Fox News to being ordered to cough up millions for lying about voting machines, Lindell keeps taking Ls and showing zero signs of reconnecting with reality. At this rate, his sputtering pillow empire will be the only thing keeping this crackpot from living under a bridge and blaming it on Venezuelan mind-control rays.

The Supreme Court denied MyPillow founder Mike Lindell's challenge over the FBI seizure of his phone, the latest loss for the conspiracy theorist facing lawsuits and money troubles.

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