Man arrested after trying to ram through FBI gates in Atlanta (video)

A man was arrested after trying to force his SUV through the front gate of an FBI office today.

The gentleman tried driving into Atlanta's FBI headquarters by tailgating another car that was going through, but the gate quickly closed. The man then proceeded to smash the whole front end of his SUV trying to get through the gate. (See video below, posted by RawsAlerts.)

Finding himself trapped, the suspect, who hasn't yet been identified, then jumped out and made a run for it. But he didn't get very far.

From CBS:

The gate stopped the suspect's vehicle, and the driver got out and ran away before being caught by FBI agents who were nearby, the official said. 

The suspect was handcuffed and turned over to Dekalb County Police Department officers, the official said. The department said Monday afternoon it was working to secure arrest warrants for the suspect. The FBI said it was looking into state or federal charges as well. …

The suspect, who was not identified but is not associated with the FBI facility, was taken to a local area hospital for evaluation, FBI Atlanta said in a statement. His motives were not immediately known.

As a side note, Georgia is also the state represented by one of the FBI's biggest critics — Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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