Sex crimes: FBI investigating Ex-Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries

Mike Jeffries, already accused of sex trafficking over young men "recruited for sex events", now faces an FBI investigation into the alleged crimes. The inquiry into Jeffries and partner Matthew Smith, revealed by the BBC, also involves federal prosecutors from the Eastern District of New York, according to several sources.

Documents uncovered by the BBC, including flight tickets and event itineraries, revealed there was a highly organised operation involving a network of recruiters and a middleman, James Jacobson. The BBC tracked down Mr Jacobson, now 70, who denied any wrongdoing and said that men went to these events "with their eyes wide open"When approached at his home, Mr Jacobson repeatedly asked to "do a deal", saying "leave my name out and I'll tell you everything", which was refused by the BBC.

Splendid. Jeffries was removed from his position as A&F went out of fashion amid an endless sequence of media scandals caused by islamophobic discrimination, racist policies in marketing and hiring, and his proudly fatphobic statements.