The Kyvol Cybovac D6 is a robot vacuum and mopper, all in one

As we continue in our technological march toward Rosie the Robot, we quietly reached a major milestone in that revolution in just the last few years. We've been manufacturing robots to handle all kinds of household tasks for a while now. We have vacuuming robots, for instance. We also have mopping robots. But until recently, we haven't had robots built to be multi-taskers, handling a handful of different household cleaning duties all by themselves.

The Kyvol Cybovac D6 is just that new breed of cross-disciplinary wonder-tech, a vacuum robot that not only sucks up everything littering the carpets of your home but employs a little elbow grease as well to mop your hard-surfaced floors as well.

As a pure vacuum, the D6 brings the goods, backed with 3,000Pa suction to supply some serious cleaning power. That's enough pull to suck up dust, hair, small rocks, beans, and even small candies without missing a beat. And with the triple-layered, high-performance filter and a spacious 600ml dustbin, it also has a carpet boost function, which is a kind of nitro charge that happens when the D6 automatically increases its suction to drag out dust hidden deep inside the carpet.

But like we said, the D6 isn't just about vacuuming. This unit is packed with smart mopping features as well, utilizing the 300ml water tank to serve up different mopping motions for different areas and different surfaces.

The D6 can also be trusted to do its job well as it generates a real-time map of your home, choosing the best route to clean everything just the right way. Users can also employ boundary strips to set up virtual no-go zones, so your D6 will always know where to travel and where not to. 

Programmable through remote control, the Kyvol app, or even through voice commands to home smart tech like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant, the D6 runs for up to 150 minutes in a single run, which should be enough to cover all the ground of even large homes. When it's finished or needs a recharge, it'll automatically head back to its docking station when the battery runs low.

Right now, the Kyvol Cybovac D6 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop is available at almost $50 off its regular price, now down to just $254.99.

Prices subject to change.