The Patriot mask is 100% made in the USA — and right now, it's up to 60% off.

The Patriot mask is 100% made in the USA — and right now, it's up to 60% off.

The world has changed. And while the ravages of a global pandemic may be slowly subsiding, some of the aftereffects promise to linger for years to come. 

Masks are now a part of our daily lives, with millions awakened to the ongoing impact of airborne pathogens. Meanwhile, studies have found the threat of another ongoing air quality issue, wildfire smoke, could be up to 10 times more harmful than other sources of air pollution.

Facing all these dangers, it's easy to think that masks aren't just part of our daily lives now, but that they're here to stay.

For those committed to protecting their health as well as that of family and friends, the Patriot mask is a smart ongoing way of fighting those environmental hazards while also supporting American workers and jobs.

The Patriot is made by ALG, an LED lighting manufacturer who jumped into action in 2020 and converted their Northwest Ohio manufacturing plants to start making protective gear like the Patriot mask. After distributing millions of masks, gloves, and gowns to the federal government, hospitals and healthcare systems, the Patriot offers that same level of protection and peace of mind to the average consumer.

Available in both small and regular sizes, the Patriot sports an inner spandex foam sponge bar that makes wearing comfortable and safe, along with an adjustable galvanized iron-nose clip and ultra-elastic nylon headbands for a custom fit and secure seal to the user's face.

Right now, you can stock up on multi-pack assortments of the Patriot mask, all between 48 and 60 percent off their regular cost. You can head over to the website of their distributor SureWay Health to fortify your stockpile now at these lower in-bulk prices.

Prices are subject to change.