Ivanka's Instagram followers freak out because she got injected with poison vaccine to ward off hoax covid

What was Ivanka thinking when she posted a photo of herself wearing a mask and getting a Covid shot to Instagram? Her loyal followers — who know for a fact that Hoax Covid 19 is a Bill Gates/George Soros/China scandemic that was created to keep her god-emperor father from resuming his rightful place on the throne — are aghast that the Princess willingly got injected with a colloidal suspension of microscopic 5G tracking chips in liquid mercury.

Ivanka said in her Instagram post: "Today, I got the shot!!! I hope that you do too! Thank you Nurse Torres!!! 💙"

The responses came fast and furious:

  • Hell no. Quit telling perfectly healthy people to take this so called "vaccine".
  • Nope! And I never will
  • No thank you! I have immune system for a reason.
  • Hell no. Why would you post this?
  • For a virus that 99.9% will survive….no thanks.
  • She got paid 1 million dollars to convince you to take it
  • I don't really think she took it. What shot? She doesn't say vaccine.
  • (In response to someone who said, "Her father and Melania took the Covid shot in January") Fake NEWS

Don't fret, Ivanka. All will be forgiven on April 25 when your father returns to Washington and real Americans are dancing in the streets.