Can you defeat the Queen's Gambit? This training unlocks all you need to know

One fun element of pop culture is that you never know exactly when some film, TV show, or song is going to spark an out-of-left-field craze — or exactly how deep the obsession will run. While the pandemic may be starting to recede into history, Netflix's The Queen Gambit is oddly still riding shotgun inside our collective psyche.

Fueled by that miniseries, the game is on one of the hottest runs in its 1,200 years of recorded history. has been adding about 1 million new members each month since last October, it's become one of the most-watched games streamed on Twitch, and YouTube reported that chess videos were watched more than 350 million times worldwide since last year.

But if you want to learn to play or expand your game to attain master or even grandmaster standing, you need to learn it from the ground up. The training in the Learn to Master the Queen's Gambit Course Bundle examines one of the most common opening moves in chess from all sides to help elevate your skills.

It may sound incredible, but chess is such an intricate game that the three courses in this package featuring more than 30 hours of instruction basically boil down to studying attacks and defenses around one opening move, the Queen's Pawn game, known in chess terminology as 1.d4.

There are dozens of opening strategies that rise from moving your Queen's Pawn to open a game, and with the Queen's Gambit Accepted Mastermind with IM Milovan Ratkovic course, players understand all the ramifications of walking this well-trod path. Here, International Master and chess coach, Milovan Ratkovic, breaks it all down, teaching modern tactics for combating this common play. With this training, players can take control and dominate against 1.d4, learning natural opening moves that rip open your opponent's position, leaving their King nowhere safe to hide.

That tutelage expands in Slav Defense Mastermind with IM Milovan Ratkovic, where the Serbian master keys on one of his favorite 1.d4 defenses, the Slav Defense. Preferred by nearly a dozen world champions, this aggressive attack strategy will have your opponent questioning if they'll ever try 1.d4 ever again. 

Finally, Opening Mastery: Dominate with 1.d4 – GM Petrov is like the best what-if training you could ever launch. In this course, Grandmaster Marian Petrov provides the ultimate shortcut for defending against and beating back the 10 most widely played openings after 1.d4.  Whether you face the London System, the Benoni Defense, or the Queen's Gambit Accepted or Queen's Gambit Declined, this training offers no more second-guessing or worrying about what your opponent plays, because you'll already know their moves before they make them.

This Learn to Master the Queen's Gambit Course Bundle is a $327 value, but right now, it's only $10 per course, just $29.99.

Prices subject to change.