This Luminar 4 package has all the tools and training to edit photos like a pro

Photoshop has been the king of photo retouching and manipulation for decades, so it's no surprise that Adobe's most famous app is the yardstick by which all other contenders are judged. But when discussing Luminar 4, it might be more helpful to highlight what Skylum's image editor offers against what Photoshop doesn't.

Against the vast wall of menus and features that can often baffle Photoshop newbies, first-timers can settle into Luminar 4 and not feel overwhelmed. As the training in The Award-Winning Luminar 4 Power Bundle proves, there's little this streamlined, user-friendly app can't do, even when stacked up against Photoshop and other iconic digital tools.

This collection features training and special tools that not only introduce users to all that Luminar 4 has to offer, but also guides their training to understand all of its functions to help take any photo to the next level.

Of course, you'll never get very far learning Luminar 4 without access to Luminar 4 itself, so the Luminar 4 AI Photo Editor (for Windows and Mac) is available as part of this package. That includes hands-on training with Luminar 4's best-known feature, what Skylum calls the most intelligent photo enhancer anywhere, AI Accent. 

With Accent, the app automatically assesses each image then uses artificial intelligence to make automated adjustments to the image, utilizing literally dozens of filters, layers, corrections, and other tools to make your photo pop without users even lifting a finger.

While it's great at its job, that doesn't mean Accent is always 100 percent, or always what the user wants. So the Photography Fundamentals Course from ThinkTapLearn delves into how to use Luminar 4 manually to create any image appearance you seek. Across nine lectures, students can learn about everything their cameras are capable of, including exposures, white balance, frames, and other photography aspects. The course also offers tips for organizing, storing, printing, and sharing photos.

Plus, the package also includes some interesting add-ons for enhancing your images beyond the L4 basics. The Skies: Power of Nature Add-On includes 20 fierce and magnificent stormy skies to add to your images, while the Sky Objects: Amazing Planets Add-On presents a collection of magnificent planets to fill out your photographic galaxy. 

Finally, the Looks: Analog Film Add-On brings 30 all-new pre-sets 30 presets to help give each shot the deep, emotional, or meaningful tone you choose, and LUTs: Street Vibe LUTs offers 10 new lookup menus for creating the unique color and warmth you want on each image.

A $270 value, the Award-Winning Luminar 4 Power Bundle is on sale for 85 percent off, down to only $39.99.

Prices subject to change.