When you can smoke the pork shoulder while you sleep, it will be time to leave

Having achieved pretty good control of my kamado-style cooker, I set some alarms on this thermometer and went to sleep.

Nothing went wrong. I am finally getting this down.

I seasoned the 6lb bone-in shoulder Monday, loaded the grill with coals on Wednesday afternoon. I lit the grill at around 8:30pm and had temperatures stable and happy by 9:20pm.

With my water pan in place, I put the chonk of meat on the grill, inserted a thermometer, and closed her up. I asked the thermometer to wake up when the meat hit 165F or the grill got too hot, or too cold. I was awoken around 6 am Thursday morning when the meat hit 165F. The grill sailed along at 219F the whole time.

By 7am, the pork was at 170F but the temps inside the grill were now dropping, as I had gone a bit light on fuel. I wrapped the pork in foil and put it in the oven at 325F.

About 2 hours later it was testing 200F everywhere I poked, so and left it to rest. After shredding the pork, I just crisped it up a bit in the oven and made carnitas tacos.