Fantastic wireless thermometer for the BBQ or grill

Digital thermometers are a great tool when slow cooking meat.

It is pretty easy to under or overcook meat on the grill. Monitoring the internal temperature of your food, as you cook it, is a really good way to be sure that food is as done as you want it and no more. This affordable ThermoPen set-up does the trick for me.

I like to use one probe at the grate and one inside the item I am cooking. That way I know what is going on!

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Getting the right amount of smokey flavor when BBQing on a bullet smoker

Putting the wood chunks under the charcoal before lighting it works really, really well.

Here's the deal. I love slow and low cooking. After spending years on slow cooker and sous vide recipes smoking food was clearly going to happen. I bought a really cheap bullet smoker earlier this summer and wrote a few pieces about using it while camping. The food was amazing, however, the cheap bullet smoker pretty much fell apart after 4 uses.

I bought the Weber. The Weber Smokey Mountain really is wonderful and I wish I'd not bothered with the cheap smoker. Construction and materials quality are 1000x better.

My brother is a chef and runs several restaurants. When he relaxes with cooking he makes bbq on an offset smoker. While he was teaching me about smoking vegetables, fruit and meat that offset smoker would eat tons of wood. I was under the impression you needed to keep adding wood to get stuff to have that smokey flavor.

The bullet smoker is a very different animal. You do not need that much wood. You do not need to adjust or dick with the fire very often, and if you put in enough coals at the start you can pretty much get through 12-16 hours of smoking a brisket without adding fuel.

If you keep adding chunks of wood like it is my brother's offset smoker you end up with over smoked food.

I still ate it, but luckily didn't have to share with anyone.

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$7 replacement thermometer for my BBQ

I needed to replace my bbq's thermometer and the manufacturer wanted an insane amount of money. This stylish replacement is a mere $7.

Like many specialty parts industries, grilling supply shops are probably feeling Amazon's wrath. I needed a replacement thermometer. They wanted $30. Ha. Ha. Ha.

This thermometer indicates temperature in what I assume is generally the same general way the prior one did when it was functional.

Includes a washer that blocks the hole and allows solid mounting if the thermometer shaft size is not exact.

Hongso TG549 (1-PACK) new Replacement Lid Thermometer Gas Grill Stainless Steel Heat Indicator For Aussie, BBQ Grillware, Brinkmann, Uniflame and Other gas grill Models via Amazon Read the rest

This grill press speeds up 4th of July BBQing

Gotta make 25 burgers for a whole bunch of tykes? Increase the speed and control the consistency of your burgers doneness with a grill press!

This cast iron beauty will apply heat directly to the top of your burger, speeding its cooking and making it cook more evenly. Simply heat the press up on your grill before you start cooking, and put it on top of the meat, or veg, that you want to see finish up fast.

I also use a press for making bacon completely flat, when I go full-on compulsive about my bacon.

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How I grilled the best steaks I've ever eaten

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Make smoked ice-cream by putting cream in a smoker

You put the cream in one shallow pan, and stick that in another one that's been filled with ice and water to make an icebath, fire up the smoker and let it sit for about 90 minutes. Read the rest

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I don't expect a $200 grill to last a lifetime. But it has to cook meats and veggies evenly, with good temperature control. And I found a pretty affordable grill that does that reliably.

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