Placerville residents call for the hangman's noose

Recently Placerville, CA's city council voted to remove the hangman's noose from their town logo. Several dozen residents are protesting and demand the city honor this treasured bit of heritage.


"The history of our town isn't based off of Black people. It was based off of three white people who were hung because of their crimes," said DJ Kraus of Paloma. "It has nothing to do with any of this stuff that's going on with these times right now, so I definitely don't agree with this decision."

On the other hand, some residents feel the image is outdated and stirs up negative feelings that shouldn't be associated with their city.

"They seem to think that it's going to rob us of our history," Placerville's Dakota Keeton said about the protesters' position on the matter.

"Currently in the United States, this does not show a good side of our town," Keeton said. "This is not something we want to represent. The people behind me don't understand, they don't want to represent the hangman's noose."