Get up to 65% off on 12 gardening tools, planters, and other yard accessories

Now that everyone is starting to emerge back out into the world again, this might be the first time you're really checking out the current state of your home gardening and landscaping in a while. 

If your snap reaction is… not so great, this might be a good time to roll up your sleeves, tool up, and get to work out there. And as part of your spring garden revitalization project, this collection of 12 great gardening tools and accessories can help get the yard back on the right track. It also doesn't hurt that all these items are on sale now for up to 65 percent off. 

Flexi Hose Expandable Garden Hose and Nozzle – $44.99; originally $49

With the Flexi Hose, you'll never have to recoil that cumbersome garden hose again. With water, this hose unspools to three times its original length, topped with an 8-pattern rotating hose spray nozzle with brass connectors for optimal watering. Turn off the water, and it curls right back to its original compact shape.

Signature Garden Heavy-Duty Spray Nozzle – $20.99; originally $22

Made from solid metal with a baked enamel finish, this nozzle is not one of those cheap plastic numbers that crack within months. This baby is built to last, with 8 watering patterns, adjustable flow control, rubber insulation for both hot and cold water, and an ergonomic design and cushioned handle that'll fit in your hand like a gunslinger's favorite sidearm.

Sunflower Grow Kit – $21.99; originally $24

With this kit, you'll be the Sunflower Whisperer, growing five different types of colorful sunflower varieties. The seedlings, biodegradable cups, coir soil discs, and more can help you build an outdoor army of cool sunflowers, including standard black oil, teddy bear, red velvet queen, chocolate cherry, and lemon queen versions.

Culinary Herb Garden Kit – $21.99; originally $25

We all like the idea of growing and eating our own produce, so this herb garden for growing 10 different fresh seasonings is perfect. You can grow everything from dill and fennel to chives and oregano from seedlings to mature plants, harvest your bounty, then cook up some amazing dishes in your own little garden-based circle of life.

Windowsill Garden Herb Kit – $37.99; originally $39

Here's how you build your own herb garden, even if you're a space-limited urban apartment dweller. This kit helps grow 10 unique culinary herbs like basil, parsley, oregano, cilantro, and more for the ultimate in freshness for all your cooking adventures. With U.S.-produced, high-germination rate seeds and all the equipment and instructions you need, it's a fun project, a conversation starter, and delicious, all in one.

Zen Garden Spiritual Healing House Plants Grow Kit – $20.99; originally $21

For those who just enjoy the earthiness of houseplants, this collection will help you raise five special handpicked houseplants from seedlings to full-grown flora. With jasmine, sage, eucalyptus, snake, and lavender plants, you'll have all the pieces to create a fresh home environment, full of positive energy. They'll thrive growing on your outdoor patio too.

Costway Green Pedestal Bird Bath Feeder – $44.99; originally $99

Is there anything more serene than watching neighborhood birds cool themselves in your own birdbath? This weathered resin piece stands over two feet high and has the appearance of copper, with cool decorative Fleur-de-Lys accents around this generously sized bowl with divots for birds of different sizes to bathe and cutouts for birds to easily perch.

Costway Garden Potting Bench Workstation Table – $179.99; originally $279

This is the perfect spot to do all your potting and other outdoor activities without being on your knees the whole time. Made from solid fir wood with a natural finish and a sliding, expandable tabletop to max out your workspace, the bench also has a handy lower shelf for storing some of your most-used gardening tools, pots, or soil bags. 

Costway Wooden Raised Vegetable Garden Bed and Grow Vegetable Planter – $129.99; originally $269

This planter box made of fir wood to remain sturdy and environmentally friendly for years was crafted with an elevated design to keep all those pesky ground-bound animals out while reducing back, waist, and knee injuries for us gardeners. The bed is open for larger planting and rustically offers a perfect earthy look for decks, porches, balcony spaces, terrariums, and more.

Raised Garden Bed Elevated Planter Box Shelf – $139.99; originally $399

Elevated almost two feet off the ground, this high-quality, 100 percent fir wood planter is just right for those looking to save some bending and squatting wear and tear. Almost four feet across and able to hold almost 70 lbs., this box has drain holes so roots are never overwatered, and it's easy to change out soil to reduce the chance of disease or pests ravaging your plants.

Costway Folding Sturdy Garden Kneeler – $46.99; originally $49

Speaking of staying off the ground, this combination kneeler and seat is constructed from high-quality steel, yet covers the pad with cushioning to avoid knee pain after extended work. It's sturdy enough to survive for years — and with its foldable design, it's easy to pack away when you aren't using it. If you know a senior or anyone who suffers from knee pain, this is a solid gardening compromise.

Costway Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon and Garden Tool Cart – $94.99; originally $139

Half old school wagon, half built-for-toughness handcart, this collapsible utility hauler is as multipurpose as they come. The extended capacity bed built with premium detachable oxford cloth sides can hold almost 300 lbs. of load, while the heavy-duty 7-inch wheels are made to get traction on almost any surface, from camping to the beach to right in your own backyard. And the whole thing effortlessly folds up in seconds for easy transportation and storage.

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