Learn from the world's most respected CEOs with lifetime access to Methods of Leadership

Leadership is a magic quality that few truly possess. Oh sure, many people have to lead as part of their job description, but few actually have the inherent ability to make others better, cultivate trust, focus on problem-solving, and give team members confidence.

Of course, not everybody has to be born with the ability to deliver a rousing St. Crispin's Day speech or inspire their crew to fight for every inch. Great leaders don't often come fully formed. Great leaders can be made. And Marshall Goldsmith might have unlocked the way to do it.

He created a path to improvement and self-realization in guiding the future through the Methods of Leadership Online Learning platform. And now, he's making all that practical leadership training accessible to all at a price half off its already heavily discounted rate.

Goldsmith has been a leadership guru for over 50 years, working with CEOs from over 200 different companies as well as writing more than 40 books on effective leadership, including the classics Triggers and What Got You Here Won't Get You There.

With Methods for Leadership, Goldsmith opens up everything he's learned to students, including immersive and interactive online courses, actionable bite-sized insights, and a comprehensive collection of straightforward business advice from the best in the world.

From direct business applications to mindfulness to personal self-awareness, this training offers more than 500 different chapters of customized learning paths and supplemental tools to put success first, inspire greatness in others, and reach your full potential. 

Goldsmith and his 100 coaches point the way toward the personal outcomes you want — and in the style of those old Choose Your Own Adventure stories, users actually chart their own path to becoming the type of leader they want to be.

From recognizing your own sharp edges and becoming more self-aware to being a more effective presence and maxing out your leadership skills, these sit-downs with the world's top leaders cover the topics that made their lives work so you can apply them to your own day to day pursuit of excellence.

A massive collection of training worth almost $3,000, the Methods of Leadership Online Learning coursework is already over 90 percent off, but if you get in on the offer with this additional price drop, you can get complete access for the rock-bottom price of just $79.99.

Prices subject to change.