Lawsuit against Jerry Falwell Jr. says his pool boy has a "cache of compromising photos"

Liberty University is suing its former president, Jerry Falwell Jr., claiming the popular far-right moralizer did not disclose alleged extortion threats against him that threatened the university's reputation. The suit claims those alleged threats are backed up by a "cache of compromising photos" held by Giancarlo Granda, Fallwell's former pool boy. Fallwell resigned from Liberty University last year after Reuters reported on claims of a cuckolding relationship involving Granda, Falwell, and Fallwell's wife.

From Queerty:

"Granda threatened to use the surreptitious sexual intimacy, and surrounding conduct, to 'embarrass the Falwells and Liberty University,'" the lawsuit reads. "Granda had amassed considerable leverage over the Falwells, and, accordingly, they worked to keep Granda pacified and quiet."

Granda is accused of taking x-rated photos and recording his phone calls and FaceTime chats with Becki "for the purpose of enhancing 'extortion attempts.'"

"Granda had access to plenty of material that could have been deeply damaging to Falwell Jr. in the eyes of the evangelical community," the lawsuit states. "Falwell Jr. and Granda both knew that matters of infidelity, immodesty and acceptance of a loose lifestyle would stand in stark contrast to the conduct expected of leaders at Liberty."