Smug shlub picks a fight with a gym coach on crutches and quickly regrets it

Get a load of this cocky smirker who thinks he's Vin Diesel. He walked into a gym and picked a fight with the coach, who was still on crutches after hip surgery. A couple of knocks to the tough guy's noggin was all it took to humble him, at least until he walks out the door and his ROM chip-like brain resets to its default behavior state.

From YouTube:

This guy drove 1 hour to my gym just to fight with me. He said he have been In and out of prison he have anger issues and was looking for somewhere to train. But first, he wanted to get in the ring with me. He said he's been in many street fights. Also many fights while being locked up. I had no intention to even spar because I was on crutches and freshly out of hip surgery. After I showed him my crutches he went on to call me a pussy and said are you backing out. He is a bully that needed to be humbled.