Community Tax can walk you through every step of settling your outstanding IRS tax burden

May 17th is the 2021 U.S. tax filing deadline – and the way the past year has gone for millions of Americans, that extra month-long extension to get their 2020 return finished is a welcome sight. That's especially true for those already knee-deep in a sticky tax situation that was likely made worse by all of 2020's upheavals.

Of course, for those in the midst of tax issues, the entire arena can already feel like being dangled over a pool of snapping piranhas…and we don't just mean the I.R.S. With radio ads from fly-by-night tax resolution firms blanketing the airwaves offering loud, but thin promises about saving debtors from tax ruin, it's more than a little difficult to know exactly who to trust.

For most dealing with problems like capital gains taxes on a property sale, retirement account payouts, and interstate workers settling up out of state taxes, that trust starts with transparency. 

And for those who have already run afoul of Uncle Sam and started receiving scary, threatening IRS letters outlining incurred penalties, levies, or wage garnishments, knowing who to trust to untangle that mess with transparency could end up being one of the most important decisions of their financial life.

Community Tax settles tax problems

Founded in 2010, Community Tax is already one of the largest and most respected tax relief services in America. Sporting an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a raft of 5-star reviews from past customers on Google and Trustpilot, Community Tax is dedicated to a single proposition: to help consumers settle large IRS and state tax debts, while avoiding additional penalties and fees. 

That starts with honesty and proving their trustworthiness. So unlike the screaming radio competitors, Community Tax trumpets a set fee structure for fixing a tax problem. In fact, an initial consultation with a Community Tax tax practitioner or CPA is completely free, with no time limit or restrictions on what can be discussed.

When a customer decides to have Community Tax represent them in settling their tax problems, they pay a flat $275 discovery fee. With that single charge, Community Tax pros spin into action, pulling together all the necessary information to build a knowledgeable, accurate assessment of the client's financial burden.

Armed with that clear picture on the full scope of the tax issue, the customer will then pay a resolution fee of between $750 up to $5,000, depending on the severity of the issue, with the average customer looking at a bill of around $3,000.

That's when Community Tax truly takes over, representing your interests in dealing with the IRS to craft a tax settlement solution that works for the customer and the government. That simple affordable two-step resolution process takes the guesswork and added fear out of an already tense situation and puts a concrete number on what it's going to take to settle a looming tax bill once and for all.

Transparent, ethical, trustworthy communication

Just because you're not dealing with the IRS personally doesn't mean you have to be out of the loop on this process. This is your financial future we're talking about here. That's why Community Tax appoints a case advocate as your day-to-day contact to help answer any and all questions throughout the negotiation. And, of course, every case has a licensed practitioner, tax preparer, and other vital staff involved to unwind any tax mess. Communication is part of Community Tax's transparency, which means you've got as much access to the team battling your case as you need. They've even got a 14-day 100% money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the service.

Right now, you can check out Community Tax, enter a few key details about your tax situation, and that can get the process started toward settling your outstanding tax issue.

Prices subject to change.