SwiftCV lets you build a professional website to help get the job you want

If you're attacking your job search armed only with your resume and a cover letter, you're leaving a lot of important weapons on the table. Consolidating all your job candidate information to a social profile like LinkedIn doesn't hurt, but the limits of those platforms don't exactly shine a full spotlight into all of your credentials either. Sure, you can go further and build your own job search website, but that's practically like taking on a full-time job in itself just getting it up and running.

That isn't the case with SwiftCV. A hybrid of all of those self-promotional options, SwiftCV Pro Website Builder offers the tools and resources to craft a web location that truly pulls together everything that makes you an attractive job prospect into a clean, shareable web presence.

Rather than splitting all of your credentials across various documents and social media platforms, SwiftCV is the unified place to attractively make the case for your greatness and bring all your best work forward. Rather than hosting a personal website, SwiftCV offers a one-stop destination for everything without worrying about complicated templates, web hosting, or domain renewals.

SwiftCV offers a single-page layout that can instantly help prospective employers get a sense of you, your talents, your past accolades, and the skills and attitude you can bring to their company. And if you already have a LinkedIn page (which you probably should), then SwiftCV is even easier, allowing you to migrate basic biographical information and work history from LinkedIn right over to SwiftCV in seconds.

However, SwiftCV does things that LinkedIn can't, like offer links out to all your various social media accounts. In addition to your history and academic achievements, SwiftCV lets you brag about yourself with a linkable portfolio, putting some of your most impactful work just a click away. 

Add media like images, PDFs, documents, and more, then get a single link you can send to potential employers. You can password protect part of your SwiftCV so only those with the correct login can see special projects, proposals, resumes, cover letters, and more; you can even hide the whole site entirely for anyone without the proper access.

Already trusted by thousands of top-tier professionals from companies like Google, Netflix, Disney, Expedia, PayPal, and more, SwiftCV makes it all happen without any complicated coding or janky layout worries.

Right now, users can lock in a lifetime of SwiftCV Pro Website Builder access at 90 percent off its regular price, down to only $29.99.

Prices subject to change.