Make all your app ideas come true with this brilliant iOS and Android app training

Last year, Slack introduced an add-on app called Hallway, allowing co-workers in the same Slack channel to join periodic breaks so coworkers can just idly video chat and shoot the breeze about whatever for a few minutes before going back to work. Meanwhile, there's NeuralCam Live, an app that lets Mac users turn their iPhone into a webcam. There's also Channels, which works like a DVR for everything from broadcast television and cable channels, and even linear streaming services. 

Amazing new app ideas are birthed into the world every day — and if you've got the zeitgeist idea that clicks with the masses, you could be successful and rich fast. Of course, that never happens if you can't actually get your app idea off the ground. That won't be a problem with the training in The Complete Mobile and App Development Bundle, a top to bottom collection aimed at turning million-dollar ideas into apps.

This collection includes nine courses with more than 70 hours of training so students are equipped with all the knowledge and tool experience to design and build apps for both users of iOS and Android devices.

Since the Android platform is the undisputed no. 1 globally, the three-part Android Development Course collection can get users familiar with that environment. Designed for first-time users, these courses explain the basics of app building for Android, guiding users through building and publishing a pair of significant app creations. The training also features a final gauntlet of real-world Android apps that students will build from the ground up, including an MP3 player, a photo album, a calculator, a balloon game, and more.

Meanwhile, iOS is still a very sexy platform to craft apps for, so the iOS 14 and Swift 5: The Complete iOS App Development Course can instill the same sense of app-building confidence on the Apple side. As learners get familiar with using Apple's proprietary Swift 5 programming language, they apply their growing app skills to iPhones and iPads, tackle routing, storyboard designs, running simulators, and more.

With both Android and iOS training, learners then delve into a handful of equally important app knowledge, including everything from learning Java programming and the React Native app-building environment to using coding aids Git and GitHub as well as Dart and Flutter.

The Complete Mobile And App Development Bundle has nearly $1,800 worth of intensive training, but as part of this offer, you can get it all for pennies on the dollar, just $44.99 for the full package.

Prices subject to change.