Someone made a Random Text Generator for Extreme 90s Superheroes and it's awesome

I don't who created this Random Text Generator for Extreme 90s-style Super Hero Names. Perhaps it was the very same disembodied Higher Power that possessed Rob Liefeld all those years ago. Whoever is responsible, though, is awesome. Here's how they describe the generator:

Back in the early 1990s, comic books were filled with extreme characters like Bloodstrike and Deathblow. Now you can generate your own extreme '90s character and pit them against one another in a melee free-for-all that will result in tons of blood and viscera!

I just made my own superhero team, which sounds exactly like a superhero team I invented when I was like 9 years old:

Winterthrasher Motor, Member of Talon Force
Smithwraith Avenge, Member of the Punk Brigade
Pathcold Bone, Member of Team Gun
Clawmaim, Member of Team Snap
Maim-Star, Member of Stryke Force

No but seriously these are actual comic I made in the early 90s that could been ripped right out of this:

Eat yer heart out, Rob Liefeld.

90s Extreme Character Generator [Perchance]

Image via YouTube