The Süka Pipe is a smooth, efficient travel pipe that looks like it's from outer space

Between marijuana legalization efforts, vaping, and more, the past decade has truly been a golden age in the advancement of smoking technology. In an age where everything has to be portable and on-the-go friendly, a host of manufacturers have tried their hand at creating some truly innovative new ideas in pipe design and function, including ideas that seem entirely off the wall at first glance. 

The Süka Pipe is one of those outlandish ideas, a bizarre pipe concept that looks straight out of a 1950's sci-fi movie. However, it doesn't take a lot of investigation to start seeing some of the subtle brilliance in this new creation from the makers at 7Pipe.

First, yes, the Süka Pipe looks like a flying saucer. In fact, that was the original inspiration for this premium quality anodized aluminum, platinum cured silicone, and heatproof quartz glass creation. Measuring a tidy 4.5 inches across, the Süka Pipe can hold up to 4 grams of your favorite herb for quick smooth hits whenever you're in the mood.

The company specializes in pocket-sized smoking pipes — and the Süka Pipe addresses one of the key issues for mobile smokers: the quick, easy, efficient, and convenient loading and reloading of their pipe.

Smokers can quickly load up by turning the center trackball inward, then flipping the pipe so any herb falls to that side. Flip it again and gravity will drop the herb right back into the bowl for a premium draw. From there, users only have to light and take a smooth hit. 

All the pieces come apart easily, and everything can be disassembled to be wiped down or even soaked in alcohol for a thorough cleaning. And the whole thing comes in a reusable, water-resistant, airtight, smell-proof, hardshell polypropylene carry case that can help you tote both the pipe and your herb subtly and simply.

Right now, you can try out the Süka Pipe at almost 20 percent off the retail price, a $69 pipe now on sale at just $56.99.

Prices subject to change.