Cop filmed punching teen with autism: "You're gonna get hurt. Don't make me hurt you more"

Doorbell video captured a police officer in Vacaville, California, angrily pushing a teenager with autism onto the ground, punching him in the face, then yelling "You're gonna get hurt. Don't make me hurt you more" as he tries to crawl away. CBS News:

The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon, Adam Wolf wrote on Facebook, when Preston was "aggressively approached" by a Vacaville police officer…video of the incident shows the officer straddling the teen who was on his back on the road. The officer repeatedly yells at him to put his hands behind his back as he remains in the same position, and is seen punching him in the face. 

"You punched me in the f***ing head," Preston is heard yelling at the officer. 

The officer then replies, "You're gonna get hurt. Don't make me hurt you more. Don't make me hurt you more." 

CBS reports that 'Vacaville Police Department Acting Chief Ian Schmutzler said in a statement to CBS News that he appreciates the "justified concern" about the incident.'

I've watched it a couple of times. It's video of an angry, hopped-up cop getting violent with a child because the child doesn't immediately comply and tries to get away from him. What can you say? It's just what cops do. They keep doing it because criminal charges are comically unlikely and the financial settlements are paid by local taxpayers, not the police department responsible: moral hazard, plain as day.