Get ready for summer grilling season with this stainless steel skewer set at almost 20% off

Skewers are about as primal an instrument as man has ever devised. In fact, a stick with a fashioned tip for just that type of open-flame cooking was found at a campsite believed to date back over 300,000 years.

With all that research and development time, it would be easy to imagine that pretty much all skewers are fundamentally the same. And in some ways, they are. But when you're looking for some control and precision in the tool that makes sure your foodstuff gets the exact heat attention it needs, you can quickly develop a sense of which skewers can — and which ones can't.

This set of stainless steel skewers made by O-Yaki are most definitely skewers that can get the job done. 

This package is really more than just a set of cooking skewers. It's actually a complete cooking set that offers some much-improved all-around cooking versatility when you want to make sure your meats, veggies, and other succulent grillables always hit the sweet spot between undercooked and charred.

The nine skewers each measure 7.5 inches, crafted from food-grade, dishwasher-safe stainless steel. And rather than laying skewers across the grill the old-fashioned way, this set also comes with a stainless steel stand for arranging a complete set of loaded skewers in a standing circle pattern for an even cook on the grill.

From beef and pork to chicken, seafood and all your vegetables, food remains firmly in place and locked into position to receive a smooth, more even cook for any grillmaster.

While this set up works well for any dome grill with at least 8 inches of space at its height, it can also fit nicely into conventional kitchen ovens as well, including smaller European sized ovens or many countertop ovens.

The collection also comes with its own recipe book, including some helpful tips for achieving that grilled goodness every cook seeks.

This O-Yaki 7.5" Skewer System collection retails for $39, but with this deal, you can save over 15 percent and get the full package for just $33.  

Prices are subject to change.