The Refresh Memory Foam Pillow is breathable and wicks away moisture as you sleep

No pillow can guarantee you a good night's sleep. The average person sleeps with 2.2 pillows, according to the National Sleep Foundation — so by that logic, if multiple pillows could somehow do the trick, we'd all be getting our eight hours per night and resting comfortably.

The truth is that the most important contribution a pillow can make to you getting a sound, relaxing sleep is to make you feel better. It probably shouldn't come as a shock to learn that if you pick a poor pillow, one that doesn't address your comfort the right way, you're more likely to suffer from less restful sleep. In that case, hone in a pillow that offers every chance to deliver the comfort every sleeper needs, like this Refresh Memory Foam Pillow from Blu Sleep.

The Refresh is a true Ferrari in the pillow market, a luxury bedding item engineered to address as many of the comfort and sleep logistical concerns as possible to help more people enjoy fitful slumber. It's a truly international creation, containing Oeko-Tex certified polyurethane foam from Italy, a bamboo covering made in Canada, and infused with green tea oil native to China.

That combination makes the Refresh soft to the touch, but offers plenty of support to the head and neck, adapting to the natural shape of a sleeper's body for a customized sleep fit. Meanwhile, the foam and cover are both designed to be extremely breathable, with ventilation holes to keep the air flowing throughout the pillow throughout the night. That same design also helps wick away moisture, so users always wake up both fresh and dry. Finally, the green tea oil helps heighten relaxation, not to mention moisturizing skin, restoring shine and smoothness to hair, and generally working as one of the world's great anti-aging treatments.

The Refresh Memory Foam Pillow, usually a $109 value, is now on sale for $30 off that price, down to just $79.

Prices subject to change.