Apple Enterprise Management comes easy with Jamf

The impacts of the new work-from-home model have thrown some ginormous curve balls at everyone. But if there's one member of your extended work family who probably deserves to be singled out for a little extra support and sympathy in this new world order, it's your company's IT person.

More than half of Americans deemed the internet essential during the pandemic, and no one was more entrusted with making sure that vital pipeline kept running smoothly during those dark days than a business's IT manager. 

Not only were they serving to ensure every smartphone, laptop, tablet, and other critical piece of work-tech was operating the way it should, but they also had to tackle connectivity and security issues remotely.

That's a massive task, even for organizations committed to using exclusively iPhones, iPads, and other devices produced by Apple, long acknowledged as one of the most tightly coordinated, most intrinsically interconnected product lines in tech history.

Yet even with all that built-in integration, overseeing an efficient Apple Enterprise Management system that handles device deployment, management, and security is incredibly tricky. Doing it all without making things tough for the user or requiring IT to actually touch the device unquestionably adds an extra degree of difficulty.

That's why Jamf has carved out an interesting place for itself in the IT landscape. Their services allow even a non-tech-inclined manager to wield the full powers of a dedicated, organized IT pro. Jamf's enterprise solution empowers anyone to better coordinate and even automate every step in the lifecycle of each employee's iPhone, iPad, Mac, or AppleTV devices, apps, and corporate resources company wide.

Jamf is the Apple Enterprise Management solution

Jamf's mission is clear: to help companies optimize the use of every Apple device from the day it comes out of the box until the day it's inevitably replaced.

That's a tall order, but one that more than 50,000 organizations currently rely on Jamf to help make happen. That includes 23 of the top 25 brands as compiled by Forbes and 8 of the Fortune 500's top 10 largest companies.

While other businesses try to integrate device management duties with mixed-brand devices through a single dashboard, the reality is that Apple and affiliated services from Microsoft, Google, and others all have their own unique workflows. That makes full support in one management tool without losing lots of functionality basically impossible. 

Since Jamf's team doesn't subscribe to that unified endpoint management philosophy, they instead focus on Apple Enterprise Management with a handful of separate yet interconnected apps to govern all phases of an Apple device's life.

Jamf can make sure a new Apple device is fully registered and configured to all company specs without anyone ever physically handling it. This zero-touch deployment assures an employee receives a ready-to-go, fully loaded and secured device in a shrink-wrapped box delivered right to them, no matter where they're located.

Jamf scales with each employee

When the company wants to incorporate new features, Jamf makes it simple to add bookmarks, policies, workflows, or even VPN configurations to one or all of the network devices. Rather than rolling out a new app or updating an old one for each employee individually, Jamf can set it live for an entire organization, all at the same time. 

There's even a Self Service app component so employees can get instant access to resources they need and troubleshoot common issues, which reduces all those pesky ticket questions to your company IT pros. And everything happens through a single unified password for each worker, even bypassing the need for Apple ID logins.

With inventory management, a single manager can monitor access to any hardware piece and even shut it down and lock the device remotely, if needed. Meanwhile, security is managed remotely, too, with the ability to handle password problems, restrict malicious software, or even patch all of the company's Apple devices without ever impacting each user.

Because Jamf is an Apple-only ecosystem, it's able to safely curate the best Apple-compatible mobile device features to make sure every device and app runs as quickly and cleanly as possible. However, Jamf's platform flexibility leverages and works seamlessly with your other asset management tools, network access controllers and IT services. In other words, they don't break your stuff.

Jamf Apple Enterprise Management just works

All these Apple Enterprise Management tools also have their desired effect: saving companies and workers both time and aggravation. Research from Hobson & Company shows Jamf clients spend 80 percent less time prepping devices and 90 percent less time managing apps and inventory, all while reducing the chances of a security breach by two basis points.

To start streamlining your organization's Apple product needs, head to the Jamf website and pick out a service plan that works for you and your business.