Lemonade is a homeowner and rental insurance option for people who hate insurance–and it's crazy easy

Look, nobody enjoys reading the fine print on an insurance policy. Heck, there's a good chance the guy who wrote it didn't even read it over once he was finished. It's usually pretty dry stuff. 

That being said, it might be worth investigating the specifics on the homeowners or renters insurance policy you've got now. Because there's a chance that even if you think you're covered in the event of a calamity like a fire or theft or act of nature, you might not be as covered as you think you are.

Nobody enjoys poring over policy details. But Lemonade is an alternative to the traditional insurance providers who understands that the less contact you have with your insurance agency, the better.

Therefore, Lemonade attempts to make your interaction count in spades, setting up a homeowners or renter's insurance policy in minutes while eliminating the stressful, extended song-and-dance that comes if you ever actually need to file a claim. 

With the Lemonade app, all it takes are answers to about a half-dozen questions to get a home or renters insurance policy set up in no more than about 90 seconds. That happens in almost as stress-free a manner as possible, without invasive questions from an agent…or any human contact at all, actually. Renters policies can start as low as $5 a month, while homeowner coverage begins at about $25 a month. 

So, what happens if a bad day comes and you need to make a claim on that policy? Unfortunately, it takes almost twice as long as it did to set the policy up. Fortunately, that still ain't much. That's right – Lemonade actually settles many of their claims in less than 3 minutes. 

Everything happens right through your phone, tablet, laptop, or mobile device automatically in seconds, again without being forced to deal with a claims adjustor or agent. Lemonade's proprietary algorithms do all the heavy lifting in 99% of your interactions with them – and because those algorithms work so well, there's usually nothing standing between you and the action you need, whether it's opening a policy, adjusting that policy, or getting reimbursed on a claim.

That works because Lemonade takes a flat fee from your premium, then treats the rest like it's still your money. And, when Lemonade customers don't file a mountain of claims, all those extra funds end up routed to a handful of favorite charities, not to Lemonade's bottom line.

You can find out exactly how easy it is to live life as a Lemonade homeowners or renter's insurance customer by heading to the Lemonade website, getting a quote, and hopefully, never having to think about your insurance situation ever again.