These Excel University courses will teach you the app's most powerful features for $30

Microsoft Excel is one of those programs everyone has used at one time or another. In fact, 750 million people, almost 10 percent of the global population, has noodled around with Excel's spreadsheets, cells, and pivot tables before.

But while 750 million people may have engaged with Excel, that doesn't mean 750 million people are interacting with it as a key tool in their daily workflow like accountants or finance experts would. Truly understanding the specialized tools that Excel offers is not only useful, but it can also be integral to mastering your profession and becoming the numbers guru you set out to be.

The pair of offerings in the Excel University: Excel Automation Skills for Accounting and Finance Course Bundle go right to the heart of Excel's power, laying out steps for stat-heavy users to get the most out of this essential program. 

These courses are both delivered by noted Excel master, Jeff Lenning. The award-winning instructor and author has guided thousands of CPAs through the intricacies of Excel over the past 20 years. Here, this Microsoft Certified Excel Expert with a stellar 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot pulls back the curtain on all the inner workings that can massively speed up all of your Excel projects.

These courses actually focus on just that process, customizing and automating tasks to help power users rip through Excel work in a fraction of the time normies would take.

First, Automation Tools Course 1: Power Query and Power Pivot explores a pair of the most powerful, yet often most underutilized tools in an Excel pro's bag of tricks: Power Query and Power Pivot. 

Using case studies that simulate real-world workbooks and projects, this course guides students in building a customized Excel dashboard to display data more efficiently, monitor it more closely, and then relate that information to others, particularly those less versed in Excel's data depths.

Then, Automation Tools Course 2: Macros and VBA digs into two more huge Excel weapons, including VBA, Excel's own proprietary coding language that can give practiced users an almost God-like level of control over all of Excel's abilities. Students learn to read, write, and edit VBA code using the Visual Basic Editor, translate actions into VBA code, then craft Macros to complete an Excel task as swiftly and easily as possible.

This Excel University: Excel Automation Skills for Accounting and Financing Course Bundle is normally a package of training worth over $630, but right now, both courses are included here for just $15 per course, only $29.99.

Prices subject to change.