This doggy DNA test can be the key to a long, healthy life for your pupper

If you've got a dog as a member of your family, there's about a 1 in 3 chance that you got your furry friend from a breeder. That may offer you some insight into your dog's background and family tree, but it doesn't always answer all of your questions about the full history hiding behind those expressive eyes.

Meanwhile, nearly a quarter of family dogs came from an animal shelter or humane society, which means those owners are likely flying almost entirely blind about almost every element of their dog's makeup. Sure, it might look like a labrador, but is it really all labrador?

Of course, knowing your dog's history is more than just satisfying idle curiosity. Having details about your pet and what really created the animal you share a home with today can be huge for understanding everything from their health issues to their psychology. With an Orivet Dog DNA Test Kit, dog owners can take a big step toward answering those questions about their pooch's mysterious past once and for all.

With an Orivet test, you can determine your dog's exact breed or the percentage of the varying breeds in that mix, their genetic composition, as well as the predominant personality traits for a dog with that pedigree.

It's just like doing a genetic test for a human. With a simple swab of your dog's cheek, an owner can delve deep into the hereditary details to help you give your pet the long and happy life you both want. 

With this DNA test, owners get more than just their pet's genealogy. They also learn valuable insights into the overarching behaviors common to each pet's particular breed, as well as the heritable health risks that often face members of its breed as they age. While an Orivet test is helpful, it isn't just about handing you details on your dog. It's about offering an invaluable medical projection about your pet's health so you can take action now to prevent the worst.

The collection also includes a Life Plan, which serves as the ultimate guide to managing your pet's health throughout their life. It features a schedule to follow with your veterinarian to implement a customized wellness plan for your dog, including nutritional suggestions and routine health care advice, and alerts when you need to handle important issues like vaccinations and more.

You can get a complete Orivet Dog DNA Test Kit, a $109 value, for almost $15 off, now available for just $94.99.

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