Upgrade your home's lighting and mood with 20 deals on lamps and smart bulbs

If you want to change the look and feel of a room, there's one immediate upgrade that can shift the entire vibe almost instantly. A new lamp, preferably one with some personality and maybe even some smart-enhanced versatility, can be an insta-game-changer, assuming you make the right choice, that is.

It isn't always easy finding a new lighting source that speaks to you, but these 20 different lamps and lighting accessories can each bring a whole new mood to a given space. And considering each item is on sale at up to 58 percent off its regular price, you've got plenty of possible options you can try out.

Classic, yet artsy desk lamps

Hudson LED 17.3" Desk Lamp – $45.99; originally $56

If you're working with limited desk space, this design is space-saving to the point of being nearly invisible. With steel spring and tension control knobs as well as a clamp mount to clip easily to any table or desk, this no-nonsense LED emits 450 lumens of warm light that won't cause eye fatigue. And it even has a built-in USB outlet to help with your charging needs.

Oakwood Booklet Lamp – $47.95; originally $79

It's a reading lamp that looks like a book…get it? Easy puns aside, this mobile lamp folds up like a book for easy transport, but when you're ready, opens up 360 degrees to throw 500 lumens of light, enough to light an entire dinner party for up to six hours on a single charge.

E.P. Eco Friendly LED Desk Lamp – $59.99; originally $79

It may look like a brick of translucent plastic, but this uniquely handcrafted and visually distinct resin bulb throws vivid color when illuminated. While this lamp may simply look like a bold artistic statement, it's actually a powerful light source that still saves over 60 percent on energy usage, so it's as smart and environmentally friendly as it is gorgeous.

Lamp Depot Himalayan Salt Lamp Wireless Charger – $86.99; originally $149

Handmade, cut, and polished so the different layers explode with a sunset of colors, this almost other-worldly piece is striking, to say the least. Plus, it also sports its own Qi-enabled wireless charging platform right in the base to offer power-up capabilities for your smartphone and other wirelessly charged devices.

Motion Sensor Bird Night Light Tree and Illuminated Eggs – $65.99; originally $75

Part table lamp, part nightlight, this minimalist device is practically a sculpture as well. The wooden "tree" base works as a magnetic charger to keep the motion-activated lights in the birds and eggs shining. You can even pluck each of those pieces off the main tree and carry them as your own little mini-torches if you want to light your way through your darkened space.

LampDepot Dragonfly Balancing Lamp – $106.99; originally $140

This hand-crafted dragonfly lamp has that same cool wood look, but it also uses center of mass principles to carefully balance over your desk space, gently bobbing up and down to your touch. Of course, the built-in LED is no joke either, providing enough soft LED light with its rechargeable battery to be both visually striking and fundamentally effective.

Cutting edge designs

The Original Heng Balance Lamp – $55.99; originally $65

With an impressive 360-degree beam angle and 3,500K of warm white light to offer, this light source designed by Zanwen Li works like a champ. But turning it off and on is the real adventure. Magnetics keep the two neodymium cores together, keeping your connection lit. But break the magnetics, and the light goes out. Cool.

Interactive Cloud Lamp – $629.99; originally $690

It's a lamp that literally floats in your room like a cloud. Shaped and textured to look just like those magical weather creations, this interactive cloud is actually an LED lamp, packs with ambient lamp modes, shifting colors — and it's even reactive to sound. It's a conversation starter, guaranteed.

The Faith Lamp – $22.99; originally $29

Inspired by the work of famed abstract artist Jackson Pollock, the Faith Lamp is crafted from high-quality, transparent resin to cast a striking glow. 100 percent handmade, this LED bulb is also very eco-friendly, conserving up to 63 percent more energy than traditional light bulbs.

Nordic Mood LED Circle Table Lamp – $84.95; originally $99

Here's another table lamp that almost doesn't even look like a lamp. Crafted with a cool modern design, this circle springs to life via LED, displaying 4 different brightness levels, 7 cool colors, and 6 tripping lighting effects to create just the vibe you're looking for in any room. With up to 16 different custom presets to get just the feel you want, it's also built to last, designed to survive up to 35,000 hours.

Lamp Depot Circular Color-Changing Lamp – $62.99; originally $149

This lamp uses the same circular motif to similarly brilliant effect, including a remote control to help shift through dozens of colors and over 40 different light shifting modes. Meanwhile, this unit hums along at absolutely minimal power, reducing energy consumption by as much as 75 percent.

LampDepot LED Levitating Lamp – $106.99; originally $149

It's a lamp, but it looks just like the moon, even using magnetic levitation technology to essentially float, spin, and hover over the base like you'd captured the celestial body yourself and shrunk it to place on your end table. Equipped with touch sensor controls and 3 lighting modes, this lamp is truly magical to watch.

Oculamp: Eye Safe 3-Function Desk Lamp – $119.99; originally $175

Another ultra-smooth light that looks like it came off the U.S.S. Enterprise, this sleek lamp controls the blue light levels it emits throughout the day with three different day-part settings. Between super bright cool white for the heart of your day, neutral white for calmer, kinder glows, and warm white to wind down at night, this lamp is as dedicated to your sleep as it is to your eyes.

Floor lamps

Lamp Depot Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp – $89.99; originally $149

Beautifully designed as an amazing space saver, you also won't even notice this lamp with its quality metal finish unless it's fired up and doing its thing. Then, the soft-white, integrated LEDs as all about customization, including over 16 million colors and more than 300 multi-color effects to create your perfect personal lighting configuration.

Lamp Depot Annular Color Floor Lamp – $104.99; originally $179

This mood lamp is a work of art as well, its straight-forward oval shape capable of over 1 million different colors, more than 330 multicolor effects, and full control over the lighting speeds, intensity, and more. You not only light your space, but you also set an unmistakable tone, all in an efficient, compact, stylistically pleasing package.

Irregular Acrylic Floor Lamp – $269.99; originally $499

If you really want to trip out your visitors, this lamp takes unusual to the next level. Hand-sculpted by artists using thermoforming techniques, these thin sheets of LED stripes are carefully molded into a beautiful and dynamic sculpture. diffused for an amplified luminescent output. The result is a truly unique room lighting experience you need to see.

Bulbs and others

X1 Touch Bedside Lamp Speaker – $17.99; originally $29

It's a desk lamp that also serves as a Bluetooth-enabled smart speaker with some serious kick. With touch controls, a full array of colors and lighting modes, as well as functionality to stream via Bluetooth, connect to another device over a 3.5mm audio cable, or even play straight off a TF card, this little helper checks a lot of necessary boxes.

RGB Clock Ambient Night Light – $94.99; originally $140

One of the more unique timepieces you'll ever own, this ultra-retro, yet super-contemporary electronic clock glows like old-school filament era LCDs of the 50s and 60s. With shifting colors and lighting modes, you get the time right down to the second in a design sure to capture attention and even get you staring in amazement from time to time.

Color Changing Smart A19 LED Light Bulb – $19.99; originally $24

Just pop this bulb into practically any standard lighting fixture, sync it to the Smart Life app on your phone, and you can instantly start cycling the bulb through 1,600 different colors, 6 scene options, adjustable brightness, saturation, and temperature levels, and more. Schedule and set timers for your bulb and even run it with voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Color PAR30 Spot Smart Light Bulb – $42.99; originally $59

The smart bulb not only gives you ultimate control through a mobile app, but it might also even outlive you. Connected via Bluetooth, users can set their light or color range with a battery life that lasts up to 20 years. And it's 5 times more energy efficient than old school bulbs.

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