Bored Karen harasses woman in park for walking a pig on a leash: "It's huge!"

A Karen with nothing better to do accosts a woman and her friend in the park for walking a pet on a leash. The problem? The pet is not a dog but a pig.

Like a buzzing, clingy fly on a hot sticky day, this Karen will not get off the pet owner's case, sticking to the two women who can't shake her off. She complains that the pig is "huge!" and that its poop (which the pig's owner cleans up) is too much.

"Leave us alone!" one of the women says, trying to shoo Karen away. "Get away from us!"

Karen tattles to the neighborhood's homeowner's association on her phone, telling them, "He's taking his business on the grass!" 

"So does everybody's animals," the pig owner's friend says.

The pet owner explains that the HOA knows about the pig, but that doesn't stop Karen from continuing to harass her. Karen needs to get a life.

Via Daily Dot