Woman flies into rage when she sees drag queens in Honolulu hotel lobby (video)

A woman flew into a rage when she spotted drag queens in the lobby of her Honolulu hotel over the weekend. And after making an embarrassing scene, screaming at and harassing the performers as she recorded them, she was arrested. (See a different video of the incident, shot by drag performer Marina Del Ray, below, posted by Gay Island Guide.)

"You don't think this is degrading!? This is misogyny!" she screamed in an ugly rant that went on for several minutes as hotel staff calmly tried to usher her away. "I'm not going to have my children come down from the 30th floor to see what's happening here!"

She then got into the face of one performer and asked, "Are you a man pretending to be a woman?…What do you think about my son, who might think he can put on makeup and put on fancy clothing and high heels and have his penis cut off!?"

Turns out, the angry tourist was identified by Gay Island Guide and Queerty as Beth Bourne, Chair of the California chapter of Moms for Liberty, the right-wing extremist group known for banning books and using Hitler quotes. No surprise there. But what is surprising, if true, is that she also works for UC Davis, as she says on her X page, and as it says on a UC Davis employee webpage.

The irony of it all is that one her own children is nonbinary, and sadly, according to The Sacramento Bee, thanks to Bourne's hateful outlook, the two no longer speak. So much for "liberty."