Here's how to learn everything in Microsoft Excel while paying a price you choose

You've likely used Microsoft Excel before, but seriously…have you ever REALLY used Microsoft Excel before? We've all tinkered with this heritage spreadsheet maker for simple data organization or basic tables and lists. But the reason this venerable software has been one of the leading productivity apps in history is because of its versatility.

All it takes is a little exploration to find literally dozens of hidden features for better organizing, analyzing, and displaying your raw data that goes way beyond the simple spreadsheet. And with this Essential 2021 Excel Wizard Bundle, users not only get a guided tour of this often unexplored realm of higher Excel functions, but they also get it at exactly the price they want to pay.

This collection includes 11 courses, each delving into another hidden talent lurking in those stacked Excel menus. And unlike other course packages, this one allows you to decide how much it's worth to you and pay accordingly.

By paying any amount at all, shoppers automatically get a portion of the bundle. Some courses you'll find include Using VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP and Other Functions, where Excel users get hands-on training with the program's advanced search functions to find specific data spread across various worksheets and coordinate those findings. Meanwhile, Excel Pivot Table: How to Tame the Excel Beast checks in on that underutilized Excel tool for assembling and presenting complex data in a tidy pivot table summary.

But since that's just scratching the surface of Excel's capability, users can simply match the average price paid by everyone who bought this collection to receive instant access to the rest of the courses in the bundle. That also includes the six-part Excel Magic series, featuring deep dives into dynamic formulas, VBA macros, report building, automated data entry, API reporting, and more.

There is also training in formulas and functions any Excel power user needs to know, the fundamentals of Power Query and Power Pivot, as well as the top 50 Excel formulas, explained in just 50 minutes.

The Essential 2021 Excel Wizard Bundle lets anyone start using Excel to its absolute heights. And with this offer, the price paid definitely won't fill up an Excel spreadsheet.

Prices subject to change.